Sunday, September 12, 2004

Left Wing Logic

So last night the GF burnt dinner. Try to blame me for her burning dinner provided an excellent example of the convoluted logic of the left. She worked on Friday and I did not, so I prepared supper, which was not burnt. On Saturday, I had to work and she did not, so it was her turn to make supper. She made tacos and everything was done except for heating up the shells. I was reading in the living room which is right beside the kitchen, and she went upstairs while waiting. The oven beeps when it is done, so she asked me, and I quote, “Let me know when the oven beeps”. So about 5 minutes later, it beeps, I call up to her to let her know, and she acknowledges that she heard me. A few minutes later she comes rushing down, mad at me saying “can’t you smell something burning!” Truthfully, I did not, as smoke tends to rise and the way the kitchen and stairs to the top level is situated tends to funnel smells and smoke to upstairs. She then proceeds to blame me for the burnt taco shells. I pointed out that I followed her directions to the letter, informed her when the oven was done, and confirmed that she heard me. She says that I should have known to take the tacos out. I replied that it was still her fault as it was her job and if she wanted me to take them out, why did she not say “take out the taco shells when it beeps”, instead of just letting her know. She replied it was my fault that she did not tell me to take the tacos out, as I am lazy and would not listen anyway.
In addition to her illogical logic, while the tacos were burning, she was upstairs on the net, reading emails from her ex-boyfriend, Todd, my hated enemy. Todd is an unemployed left wing Canadian living in San Francisco with a blog here, and he constantly sends emails with various anti-right wing/ anti-Bush attached, which she takes too much delight in showing me.


The Tiger said...

Love the blog. Reminds me of arguments I have with my (left-wing) parents.

Anonymous said...

From the GF :
I was upstairs on the net scanning this stupid blog for all the outright lies (which are abundant). It was seconds before I came downstairs to check, woozy from all the smoke, and not the minutes as he claims. The point is that the tacos were OBVIOUSLY burning well before the timer went off (one had fallen onto the oven element and burst into flames). I don't remind him to brush, flush or breathe, but apparently I have to remind him to let me know when we have a fire.