Thursday, July 27, 2006

What's in a Name?

The wife and I have been fighting about names.

She saw an episode of Scrubs, where one of the surgeons and his wife, who is also a nurse, are pregnant. The couple talk about names and she agrees to tell him the name she likes only if he promises not to tell anyone. Of course he tells the other guy (JD) and he then goes on to name some hamster that name, thereby making it unuseable for their child.

I am sure the wife thinks I will do the same. Everyone has been bugging the wife to divulge her list of favorite names but she has refused to break, even to me. Anyone who knows the wife, knows that the more you ask her, the more stubborn she gets. I was able to get her to agree to give me her ideas if I shared mine.

This did not last for very long. As soon as I made a few suggestions, she quickly shot them down with statements such as, "No", "Absolutely not", "That's dumb", you get the picture. Now, I fully admit that some of mine were a bit silly, as when I thought the twins might be a boy and girl and suggested they be called Luke and Leia. (My mother thought this was a great idea. I had to explain the part about it being from a movie).

So I finally got fed up with my suggestions being treated so poorly, and said, "Fine. Tell me some of yours then." She refused.

What's up with that? I give my suggestions in (mostly) good faith and get nothing in return.

I know from experience that the wife will not give in, so I have refused to give any further suggestions until she makes one. She can hold out longer than I (this has been proved in other areas of our relationship) however, there are principles at stake.

Unfortunately, I have no other suggestions.

Therefore, I open the comments of this post for name suggestions.

A few points. We know the twins are identical, but do not know the sex, so male and female suggestions are appreiciated. However, no rhyming names, no names with the same initial or sound too much alike, and no unisex names (I hate that).

If I get some good suggestions, I may put up a poll.

Make a suggestion. Maybe you can claim you named my kids.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Surprises Keep on Coming

Just when I thought we were done with these surprises, we get another one at the last appointment.

The doc is 95% certain that the twins are identical.

If you know doctors, I am sure she would not tell us that if she was not certain. 95% just gives her a bit of wiggle room, just in case.

I was surprised. Not as surprised as when we went from one to two.

Identical twins could be fun. I was hoping for fraternal and they would be one of each, mostly because I am afraid that I won't be able to tell them apart and people will think I am a bad parent.

We still do not know what sex they are. The wife wants it to be a surprise. Boys would be nice, but they can be a handful when growing up. I am worried about my ability to deal with teenage girls, particularly tow of then (and twins to boot).

I guess I have resigned myself to my fate. Whatever happens, my life is going to drastically change in a number of weeks.

No choice but to get used to it.