Monday, February 27, 2012

Resolutions - Day 42 - Week 6

No change this week. Still at 219.

This is 2 weeks below 220 pounds, so this qualifies as meeting my first goal. My plan was to hit 220 six weeks in, so I made the time line. I am not really satisfied, as this was an wasy goal, 8 pounds in 6 weeks. My next goal is 20 pounds in 8 weeks. I am not sure I can make this one. 

Again, lots of cheating this week. The Wife and I went to a V-Day dinner/dance, and I failed. I will have to focus more on my diet. There are a few books that I am looking to get which may be of some help.

I missied yoga again this week. I signed up for 7 classes, I have had one and missed 2 in a row. It is the one thing I don't want to miss, especially because I am paying for it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Resolutions - Day 35 - Week 5

Lost 2 pounds this week. Down to 219.

My first goal was to hit below 220 pounds. If I hold this for 2 weeks in a row, I will consider this goal met.

Otherwise, this was a poor week. Due to appointments and a dispute I am having with J's school, I missed all of my workouts and I missed yoga.

I am not happy. This dispute is stupid and is affecting my plans.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wisdom of a Five Year Old - How was music invented?

The Wife: K, how was music invented?

K: Music began 50 years ago. Some man began banging a log with a stick and it made a nice sound, so music was born.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Months to the Baby

The Wife completes 7 months today. Two more months to go.

So far, everything has been good. I was a bit concerned, considering what happened last time (not that making it this far guarentees no problems). Anthing after 36 weeks is no problem, but thirty-two weeks is the big cut off. You can pretty much deliver anytime after 32 weeks with few problems. In truth, after 28 weeks the survival rate is still very good, although the baby may have to spend some time in hospital. Anyway, getting to 32 weeks with no problems usually means the baby will be healthy.

We still do not know the sex of the baby. I wanted to know, but she did not. I was bound to give it away, so it was just best not to know. Basic spy stuff: You can't give away what you don't know.

April 15th is the due date, and we are unlikely to go over it. With the Wife 40 years old and because she had a C-Sec last time, their can be risks. If you deliver naturally after a C-Sec, there is a 1% chance you can pop your scar. If that happens, it is unlikely they could get in there and close it up before you bleed out. We have not decided what we are going to do yet, but we will probably play it by ear. She may try to have it normally, but at the first sign of trouble, the knives will come out.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Resolutions - Day 28 - Week 4

No change this week. Still 221 pounds.

On the weekend, K's dancing class had a dinner/dance where she performed. We all went, but the food was Ukrainian. I like Ukrainian food, but perogies and cabbage rolls are full of carbs. I did quite well with the diet, sticking to the protein, although I did try one perogie and cabbage roll. I did have three drinks, which is a verboten. 

Considering the cheating, I guess maintaining is pretty good.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Resolutions - Day 21 - Week 3

Lost 2 pounds this week. Down to 221.

A good week. In addition to losing 2 pounds, I finally got my exercise program fully up and running. I was able to work out five days, including attending my yoga class.

I am looking forward to yoga. I did it for a bit ten years ago, and I find it very relaxing. I need the stretching, and I am always in a better mood after I am done. I feel more centered and calm, better able to face the day. The class is all women between their late twenties and sixties. I am a bit outnumbered.

On the right track. Hopefully things can keep going well.