Sunday, March 12, 2006


Next week, we will be celebrating one year since our wedding.

One year is paper, so I am thinking of paper plates as a present.

But seriously, does anyone have a suggestion as a present for a lefty wife?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lefties are always trying to fudge the numbers

There has been a number of instances lately, especially in the US media, of the MSM, minions of the left wing, trying to game or ignore the numbers that don't fit in with their plan. Examples include the drop in the Bush approval rating to 34% that interviewed more Democrats than Republicans. Newsbusters is a good site that tries to keep them honest. Here is a recent post that serves as an example of poll fudging.

I can say this as a have some personal experience with this type of behaviour.

I have taken down the poll in the side bar. The final numbers were as follows:

MB has the patience of a saint. I don’t know what he sees in her. - 29%

I wish my husband/boyfriend was half as good a man as MB. If you ever break up, give me a call. - 8%

You two need counselling. I know a good therapist. - 17%

Men are pigs. A woman is always right, even when she is wrong. This is no exception. - 46%

Unfortunately, they are not to be believed. I noticed the poll going up by one per day, in only one category.

Suspecting the wife, I confronted her. To give her credit, she openly admitted that she was voting every day, trying to push the numbers up to make me look bad. She even bragged that it was easy, implying that I was at fault for making it easy to cheat.


I don't have a private detective following her around all the time to ensure that she is not having an affair.

Am I making that too easy, honey?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Arsonists on the loose

Being a lefty, the wife is all into various lame causes such as recycling.

When we lived in Edmonton, recycling was easy. Put everything (except organics) in the blue bag and leave it with the garbage. They come and pick it up and sort it at this new sorting facility in the city. Edmonton is really ahead of the courve when it comes to this sort of thing.

Sherwood Park, not so much. We have to haul eveything ourselves to a central location, and put it into the various bins provided. For all I hear about the redneck sterotype, I sure see alot of people sorting through their own garbage for no pay when we go down there.

Of course, we do our own organics on the property. I am looking to set of vegetable garden this summer, so the wife had me buy one of those black composters, about $20 at Canadian Tire last year.

In addition to bannana peals, orange skins, etc, I also put the ashes from the fireplace in there, as they are good to compost. Of course, no rotting going on yet, but with spring just around the corner, we should have some nice, rich stuff by the time we want to plant.

So, on Saturday I emptied the fireplace, putting the ashes in the plastic composter. Anyone see where this is going?

By the time we woke up on Sunday morning the thing had burned (melted down). In fact, you wold think the thing had been stolen, except for the tiny drops of melted platic all around the snow and the smell.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

In like a Lion...

Last night we had the most snow that we have had all winter and I finally got to really use the tractor snowblower. We have about 300m of driveway, so a blower is a must. I tested the thing out last week, as I thought we were done for snow and wanted to use it at least once before spring.

No need to worry about getting some use out of it. The 2-4 cm we were supposed to get ended up being about 30 cm of new snow. The snow was up to my calves when I went outside. The wife and I got up at the usual time, not thinking I would need to blow, as we usually just drive over 2-4 cm in her Focus. As I got outside to shovel the walk, I noticed more snow than expected. All the while the wife is talking about being late for work, etc. Well, it took about an hour to do all of it, including the one time I got stuck. I had to get the wife on the machine and reverse it while I pushed. Once it was free, I expected to finish the job, but the wife just drives off and finishes it herself. Taking away all my fun.

I guess it is my fault for showing her how to run the thing. You can imagine how fun it is if she wants to do it. To top it off, I am in longjohns and track pants, all bundled up, the person dressed for the task, while she is wearing dress pants working the tractor. With the wind, you end up getting covered with snow, which isn't pleasant, particularily if you are not dressed for it. She had to change before work.

This has to be the last snowfall before spring.