Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best Book Ever

This book encapsulates what every parent feels at one time or another about bedtime.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kneel Before the Power of the Fire Sharks

K's soccer team, the Fire Sharks, are crushing the opposition.

There are a few boys on the team that are a bit older than the average and have played before. Once they get the ball, they simply dribble down the field and kick it in the net. We try to keep it even by manipulating the lines. It got so bad that, during a game last week, the other coach asked me if I could do something so her kids didn't get discouraged, such as asking our team to ease off. I am not a big fan of telling kids to do less than their best.However, these kids are 4-5 years old, and the good players are very competitive. I knew that that would not work. We had to put all the girls on a line to allow the other team to score and keep it a bit even.

The most interesting thing is the difference in style of play between the genders. The boys are all aggressive and go it there kicking, even giving the elbow or a little push to jockey for the ball. K will go to the ball, but half the time she stops when she gets to it, as if to say "No, you take it this time." Other times she just runs after the pack, laughing to herself, not even paying attention to what is going on.

I guess my dream of her playing on Canada's first female FIFA world cup winning team is dead.