Tuesday, March 15, 2005

She's cheating on me.... with my Arch Enemy

The Gf has an old boyfriend who has a blog here.


Do not go there!

I don't want to increase his traffic.

I am always coming upstairs to see her writing emails to this guy or looking at the lame links he sends. This guy lives in San Fran and is a typical left wing, Bush-hating moonbat. During the US election I had to put up with all manner of anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-Republican jokes that he sent her. (I got the last laugh).

Now, I am not the jealous type, but isn't it a bit strange to be taking to some guy who was your ex-boyfriend 10 years ago? We are soon to be married, and I think a certain someone should be focusing on a certain someone and not talking to another certain someone. I don't have contact with any of my exes.

This guy is sabotaging all my work. All that time and effort to convert her to the light side of the force and here she is dipping her feet in the moonbat pool when my back is turned. He is directly counteracting my evil plan(tm).

Does anyone know how to use the parental controls to filter out socialist, left wing crap?

P.S. Note that he has chosen the same blogger template. How weird is that?


The Concerned Canadian said...

Brother I think there is something you should be thinking seriously about. She has drifted to the darkside in more than tainted believes.

"...but isn't it a bit strange to be taking to some guy who was your ex-boyfriend 10 years ago? We are soon to be married, and I think a certain someone should be focusing on a certain someone and not talking to another certain someone."

I think it is allot strange. No one resurrects an old "certain someone" and follows his lead unless something is missing or there are doubts about the "other certain someone". I know from which I speak.

I would hold off the wedding until you are sure you know where this is going. If that doesn't work, dump her before it's too late and he tells you he's your father!!

The Hack said...

Hmmmm....The same template. Methinks there's somewhere a theory about templates and the pysche in this little coincidence...

MB said...


Good points, but the trip is already paid for and we leave in 4 days.

I will just have to keep a close eye on her.

Chris Taylor said...

Sounds kinda lame rather than sinister. My girlfriend doesn't deal with any of her exes in any capacity, nor do I. Not out of any particular enmity, but just a general belief that, once terminated, certain episodes of life are over.

I'm not saying one can't have a nice, platonic relationship with an ex... but I personally couldn't be bothered to do so. None of my exes are interesting enough to communicate with once I'm no longer forced to take their inane chatter seriously if I want to get laid.

JGS said...

Chris makes an important point - I check out your blog from time to time & enjoy it (best blog name in the biz, IMO) but I'm a bit older than you lot & have well & truly travelled down your road, emerged at the other end, and then - 2nd time around - married a beautiful, politically sound (ex-US Young Republican, no less!) young lass who saved my life & is a true life partner. We all have to travel our own path but your gal worries me greatly, and reminds me uncannily of my past dark times. You are right to listen to the alarm bells going off in your head - dreary leftyness is one thing, "friendships" with lefty exes should have you in a cold sweat. One of the hardest things in the world is breaking off an engagement but son you need to go off by yourself and do some serious thinking.

angela said...

my lord, this is absolutely ridiculous! why would you want to convert your girlfriend, anyway? i sincerely hope you're kidding, because if you're that petty, you should break up and date a yes woman like all those other pansies who commented.

also, i cant believe all these people who want a mate of the exact same political orientation. how boring is that! meh, i guess these are the same people who only read blogs they agree with and get all mad and whiny when people in their classes or at social engagements oppose their views.


if something is worth believing, it is worth defending. ideas should be able to stand on their own merit and not require some 'war of attrition' type conversion tactics.

p.s.: SO MANY PEOPLE have the same blogger templates... design your own

HST Overdrive said...

Greetings and Congratulations from you Arch-Enemy!

I must say that I am pleased to read that my leftwing EX-girlfriend is now happily married and on her way to travel Asia with her new husband. Let me be the first to e-wish them e-happiness in their new life!

Sorry for being cheeky, Maurice, but let me apologize for the typo that you noticed on my blog where I referred to the ex-girlfriend in question and an 'e-girlfriend'. I am remiss in not putting the post in question through spell check.

Let me just put it to rest that we have no e-relationship going on. As you know, we still do keep in contact from time to time, but it usually takes the form of a hard copy. Please let her know that she still owes me a letter.

Also, let me set the record straight about all those emails that I 'sent to her' about the evilness of the US Republican party and its leaders. Did it ever occurr to you that she was simply on a list of about 150 friends and family that I used to SPAM with email? I originally started out with funny jokes, but then with the political climate of the time, I switched to sending out political items. Anyway, if someone told me they wanted off the list, I immediately removed them. Anyway, it was nothing personal.

Oh, and for all you who were talking about the choice of blog template I made. I simply thought it looked cool. If you checkyour dates, I started THD in November of 2004. Felicia did not tell me about Maurice's blog until March 2005. So the choice of template was purely co-incidental. Perhaps it means we hav ethe same taste or that she is atrracted to a similar sort of man. Is there a common thread? Interesting. But, as a weding gift and to put his mind at ease, let me look for a new template.

Oh, one other thing I'd like you to know. I grew up in Canada, in Vancouver. And when I voted in Canada, I always voted on the right because people were so far left. But down in the USA I vote on the left, becasue people down here are so freakin' far right. So am I really that much of a rabid left-wing wacko?

Regarldess, let me sincerely wish you a very happy honeymoon and wonderful start on your new life with her. You were smart enough to keep her while I was not.

Good luck,

HST Overdrive

P.S.: Is my blog really that dreay? It's supposed to be funny.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're WAYYY off! she's not writing her old boyfriend, she's been writing ME!

and you'll never find me!!!!

MB said...


don't make me take off anonymous comments!

Anonymous said...

Who says I'm 'Anonymous'?