Monday, June 04, 2012

Resolutions - Day 140 - Week 20

206 pounds this week. This is the lowest I weight I have been on this diet and it takes me comfortably above the 20 pounds loss total.

This is a bit of a milestone, although an unscheduled one. 

I am well behind on my weight loss goals. The baby has thrown everything off. The plan was to be at 200 pounds by week 14. I am 6 pounds shy of that at week 20. At week 21, which is next week, I planned to be at 180 pounds. That is not going to happen. That goal was a bit unrealistic anyway. The last time I was 180 pounds was somewhere around age 15 I think. It was the under 200 pounds goal that I was really focusing on. Anything after that was gravy and I would be happy to stabilize somewhere between 195 and 195 pounds. My goals are the same, it's just the timing might be off by 4-6 weeks, due to the baby.

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