Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The 30 Day Yoga Challenge - Day Six

So today is day six. So far I have been following the plan, one class a day. It hasn't been too hard, as the Wife has been supportive.

I am beginning to see some benefits. My mood is definitely better. I had a few run ins with K this week, and I was able to keep my cool. Particularly the other night, where she was being a smart ass while in time out. The kid is like her mother: stubborn. I extended her time out five times before she finally cracked.

I have not seen much improvement in my flexibility. I think that my poor flexibility in one area really hampers stretching another area. There is one stretch where we are supposed to be stretching our hamstrings, but my back is so tight that I am only stretching that. I can't get down far enough to stretch the hamstrings. In other words, I am so bad in one area that it is holding me back in all other areas. I think that might be the reason I am slow to improve. I was told most people see improvement in flexibility after a week of every day yoga. If my body is holding me back, it might take me longer to see improvement in my flexibility. My instructor does say that she sees improvement in me since I started a few months ago. While I agree with her, I want that improvement to last longer than just until the end of class.

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