Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Portrayal of Fathers in the Media Changing?

This is an interesting article about the changing portrayal of Fathers in TV and movies.

Six year ago, when the Wife was expecting twins, we were in our local mall and there was a stay a home mothers group set up with a table. As we walked by, she checked it out and, noticing that she was pregnant, they started giving her information about the group. At the end, she asked if men could join as well, as her husband would be staying home with the kids. They laughed at her, as in a sort of "Your husband staying home, that's a good joke." You should have seen the looks on their face as they realized she wasn't joking. They looked over at me with this sort of stunned look as I gave them a little smile. I never did join the group, but I noticed some time later that they had changed their name from stay at home mothers to stay at home parents.

This was in 2006. Twenty years after the movie Mr. Mom at least opened us up to the possibility, a stay at home Dad was like siting an alien. I remember the Politically Correct early 1990's where every was supposed to be able to do anything, regardless of gender. Ten to fifteen years after that women can be anything they want but men, not so much.

Advertisers and Hollywood better wise up. I am not going to buy any product or watch a movie that stereotypes me as an incompetent, clumsy boob.

Except if it is funny.

Further reading: Stay at home Dad's double over last decade


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