Friday, June 03, 2005

Even More Media Bias

This is quite interesting. From the politic:

CBC's "Forensic Expert Turns out to be Record Producer with Government Contracts

I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.


Anonymous said...

OK Marcel "The Conclusion Jumper"

Here is the text from from John Dooher himself as he responded to the story:



I am the gentleman hired by the CBC to take a look at the Grewal tapes.

For the record.

My first trip ot court as an expert witness was a plagerism trial involving Mr. James Drynan vs. Wayne Rostad and The CBC. I was assisitng in case presentation and appeared on the stand for Mr Drynan who won his judgement.

I have examined many recordings for a number of clients including the federal Government and various criminal lawyers and private investigation firms here in Ottawa.

As a former owner of a major recording facility I did fullfill a number of contracts with the federal government. These contracts were primarily in the area of recording services and software design and or implimentation.

As an engineer/producer/musician for the last twenty years I can assure you I have never been on the payroll of any Government anywhere, anytime.

My recent opinions on Mr Grewals tapes were proven to be accurate by the office of the leader of the official opposition and Mr Grewal himself. I pointed out an obvious edit and subsequently a new version of the recording appeared with some additional dialogue in the exact location of my suspected edit.

Shooting the messanger is a fool’s reaction for not being able to read the message.

John Dooher

Comment by John Dooher — 6/4/2005 @ 9:47 pm

Anonymous said...

'the conclusion jumper'
I am going to get a lot of mileage out of that one, thanks John !
- the GF

MB said...

I am assuming this comment is not from John Dooher, but posted here by someone else.

To whoever posted the comments, I have some points:

It seems Mr Dooher has some experience as he says he worked for the feds, lawyers and private investigators. However, nowhere does he state that he is a forensic audio engineer. Does this mean he is wrong? No, but he is not the level of expert I would want to see on this issue. I will wait for the real expects in the police services.

He says he has not been on the payroll of the government, yet he states he has worked for the government. Being "on the payroll" is hair splitting. The Ad companies in Adscam were not on the payroll either, they just had great contracts.

So he pointed out an obvious edit. This does not make substances of the tapes incorrect. Note that this man did not look at the originals. He looked at a copy. This is not enough for me to draw a definiive conclusion that the tapes are fake, etc.

The media and the Libs are playing this as proof that Murphy and Dosanjh did not try to buy off Grewal. None of the experts have said anything of the sort.

There is nothing wrong with questioning the credentials of an expert.

And again, if anyone is a conclusion jumper, it is you, anonymous poster (and you, wife). Nowhere in this post did I come to a conclusion. Note the last line of this post:

"I will leave you to draw your own conclusions."

It gets a bit tiring defending myself against people who cannot even read what I wrote without mischaracterizing it.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how someone that abhors the way the Fiberals use sleight of hand techniques to change the subject seems appalled that when he tries the same tactic he should get away with it.

The fact is that you gave the title "Even More Media Bias" to the story and then went on to state:

"I will leave you to draw your own conclusions."

The contents of the linked-to story notwithstanding, you didn't give the story the title "Possible Media Bias" or "Suspected Media Bias"

So which is it Marcel? Can you say your title didn't colour the opinions of people reading it anymore than the contents of the story?


MB said...

Forgot my punctuation. There should be a question mark at the end.

Anonymous said...

LOL Now's that at least funny.

There definitely should be a question mark at the end.