Friday, November 05, 2004

A Night at the Movies

The GF and I saw Team America:World Police last weekend.

When I first saw South Park I could not believe how warped Stone and Parker are. Seeing Saddam and Satan as gay lovers with Satan as the sensitive one, that is something that stays with you for a while. Being a Canadian, I really enjoyed "Blame Canada". So seeing TA:WP I thought these guys could not really shock me again. I was right, sort of.

There is nothing in the movie as shocking as Saddam and Satan, but there is enough to keep you on your toes. It is funny, especially if you are right wing. the Team America heroes are the stereotypical ignorant Americans, so lefties will like it, but the best stuff is saved for the left leaning celebrity socialist, represented by the Film Actors Guild (or F.A.G. for short).

Best parts of the movie: The Team America theme song (especially the slow version), XXX rated puppet sex, and the top half of Janeane Garofalo's head being shot off.

My biggest complaints: I am not 15 years old anymore, so gratuitous use of the f-word gets a bit tired. Also, I think Stone and Parker has some unresolved homosexual issues, what with all the gay oral sex.

Overall: Good movie, funny, worth the price of admission.


Jay Jardine said...

If you can handle TAWP and South Park, I suggest you check out "Orgazmo" - the one that started it all.

Chris Taylor said...

I concur, Orgazmo is pretty funny.