Thursday, September 28, 2006

So Close We Can Taste It

Yesterday, Jocelyn passed a car seat test and had her monitors removed. We have a meeting with the nutritionist in the morning.

We are now this close to bringing her home. I am hoping we can bring her home tomorrow. The wife expects a few more days, as she feels we need the time to start to get her on a schedule and she wants to spend at least a day at the hospital getting her used to our way of operating.

I don't thin they will wait that long and to be honest, I am starting to feel guilty about taking up a bedspace.

It is a great position to be in and I thought it would never come.


Tamara said...

How exciting! I hope everything continues to get better for her. Your family will be altogether again soon! :)

Spitfire said...

Tamara has said exactly what I wanted to :-) Best wishes for a second homecoming!