Sunday, August 20, 2006

T minus 10...9...8

I am thinking about live blogging the births.

OK, maybe not live blogging it. After all, this is Canada and with our second rate medical system, wireless internet linked up in all the operating rooms is not set up yet. However, I will jot down (that is so 20th century) the key events and post them up as soon as possible.

As for an update, she had another appointment with the doc on Wednesday. The doc was surprised she showed up, saying "I didn't expect you to still be pregnant." I guess that means we should expect them anytime. Here I am thinking we still have some time. Why is it that doctors cannot be direct. They think we know as much as them about the medical field. Just like when she told us they were identical. The comment about them "most likely" being identical was made as casually as you might ask someone to turn on a light. She may have known for a few weeks but it would be nice to get more than 3 seconds to come to terms with it before she moves on the the next thing.

Today's big job is setting up all the baby furniture. The room is still not finished, as we are waiting for an alphabet border to come in so I can put it up. However, based several factors, I think it is going to be this week. Comments by the doc (above), the fact that she is already slightly dialated, and her comments that the first one seems to have already dropped lower make me think it might be anytime. The breech one is moving a lot more than usual. The Wife thinks he/she is trying to get into position.

I am betting on Tuesday, but we will see what happens.

We still have not discussed names.


Tamara said...

Anything happen yet?

Some women can stay "slightly dilated" for weeks on end... I wouldn't take that as an indicator of imminent arrivals by itself (though taken with other things, maybe).

Hope everything goes well (or went well if they're already here and you just haven't posted because of the sleep deprivation)!

Spitfire said...

I'm assuming that because you haven't posted all week means that they are here! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear if they are boys or girls (or one of each) and the names you've picked out.