Friday, August 18, 2006

MCpl Arndt, RIP

I always find funerals difficult.

I went to the funeral of Master Corporal Arndt this week, in Edson, Alberta. It was held in the Legion in town and it was packed. We limited the military attendance, as we did not want to take up all the space and there will be a military memorial next week. I thought there would be about 400 people attending. The news put it at one thousand. I think they were right. The place was standing room only.

I am always of two minds at military funerals. On one hand, we all accept the risk when we join up that we may lose our life. Ray knew the risk and accepted it.

However, to sit there and hear how a person touched the lives of his friends and family, and to think that they will never feel the positive impact of that person makes me very sad. Death is difficult to accept, but especially so with someone who should have had so much time left.

I think one cannot really understand the sacrifice and pain on the family unless it happens to you.

Whether or not you agree with the sacrifice, I hope all Canadians can appreciate it.

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