Monday, October 15, 2012

Biggest Internet Troll Exposed

This article by Adrien Chen from Gawker exposes the notorious Reddit mod/troll Violentacrez.
This is not a topic I usually write about on this blog, but one that I find very interesting. I bit of background, Violentacrez is/was a moderator on Reddit and was responsible for some of its most noxious content, which you will have to follow the links to find out how noxious. The writer of the above article discovered his real identity and outed him in the above article.

I am not sure how I feel about this. If you were not aware, I use an alias on this blog. I try to be as truthful as possible about everything I write, with the exception of my name. I think this anonymity allows me to be more truthful. Using my real name might cause me to censor myself. There are things you think that you might not want your friends and family to know.

However, some of the stuff this guy posted was very vile. As a strong believer in free speech, I appreciate that there needs to be a forum where anything can be said, but the person who starts/moderates subforums  titled "rapebait", "incest" and "chokeabitch", well that is not someone I would want to associate with. 

As for outing Violentacrez, he is free to say what he wishes and to try to do it anonymously, while journalists are free to try and find out what his real name is. I don't think his real identity is important to the issue of what he says. Putting out your real identity tends to lend more credibility to what you say, but the identity of a person who speaks the truth is not essential to the truth of their speech. The same point is not more true because someone else says it.

Update: That was quick. Violentacrez Fired.

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