Monday, October 31, 2011

A Tough Few Days

It has been a tough few days.

Friday I took K to the hospital to visit J. As we finished our visit and stepped out of the room I said to K, "I am just going to talk to the nurse, I will be right back." I assumed that she would wait right there for me. I went about 15 feet down the hall and spoke to our nurse about J. I was probably gone for maybe a minute. K should have been able to hear my voice the entire time. When I get back she is not there. I call her name. No answer. Where did she go? Where could she have gone in such a short time? I call all around the ward, nothing. A woman sees me calling and offers to help. She leaves the ward to check in the main hall. I think "There is no way she could be out there. She cannot reach or even open that heavy door, plus why would she leave when she knew where I was and could hear me talking to the nurse?" I forget that five year olds do not use logic. Another minute of calling/looking around the ward convinces me she must be in the hall. There are some people sitting right outside the ward door. They confirm that a little blond haired girl in a light blue coat went by them a few minutes ago. I find her crying with the woman who offered to help look for her about 200 meters down the hall. How did she get so far so fast and why? I want to beat her with a stick, but she is so upset that I can only console her. She says she thought I left without her. 

To add insult, I cannot find the car in the parking lot. I think people who cannot rere they parked are embarrassingly dumb. Today, I is one. I have been to this hospital so many times that the days are merging into one big haze. I walk around the parking lot on multiple levels, dragging a 5 year old by the hand looking for the car. Checking all the spots we have parked in the last 40 days. I start to think the car must have been stolen. I find the car, right where I left it.

Saturday, the Wife goes to visit J. As she discusses with the staff the next steps to get her off the breathing machine, they laugh when she talks about the process that I had understood we would follow on Friday. The hospital is a big bureaucracy. Sometimes the hands do not talk to each other. The Wife is upset. I will have to go in on Sunday to straighten it out.

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Allan "Goldfish" Clark said...

when you're busy, tired, or doing a very similar thing like parking in the same lot, different spot, it all blurs.

I take digital photos with my phone: parking lot #, signs from it to the front door. yeah, it's very "Memento", but I have driven rental cars for 12 years, I don't remember anything anymore.

as you're walking into the hospital, grab your cell, and snap photos of any sign -- even a colour can help. it's like blazing a path through a forest.