Monday, October 03, 2011

Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

J has been in the hospital for over a week now.

Overall, she is doing much better. She is off the morphine, the blood pressure drugs and her 10 day antibiotic series ends tomorrow.

She is still has the breathing tube in. They hoped to remove it as early as last Wednesday, but she is not ready. The way they do it is to slowly lower the amount of pressure it is putting into her lungs. As they lower the pressure at some point she has a bit of trouble breathing, forcing them to raise it up. However, each time the new standard seems to be lower, so we are making slow progress. The problem is her left lung. Due to her curved spine, her left lung is squished in her body and this is where the pneumonia always starts. Every day they seem hopeful that they might be able to remove the tube in 2 days, but every night she seems to have trouble with the lower level of pressure, forcing them to raise it again. But we are getting closer. The pressure level is a lot lower then when she first came in.

I am hopeful that it may be removed soon, but I have learned to take their predictions with a grain of salt.

As of Friday, they have confirmed that she has another bug, this one quite nasty and tough. She may have caught it in the hospital. Fortunately, it has not advanced far (not like the last one), so it may not take as long to kill. They recently upped the dosage of the antibiotic, so that seems a bit of a concern to me.

More updates as they come.

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