Monday, May 08, 2006

Collecting Ammo

I'm not sure how much the wife is into this baby thing. She has taken to calling the fruit of my loins "the pod".

I suppose that it better than her prior nickname, which was "the parasite". She stopped doing that after I threatened to tell the kid when he/she grew up.

I can just imagine, in the middle of some big fight, I would say "Well, at least I don't think Junior is a parasite."

It's never too early to start building up ammunition for the divorce hearing.

I wish I could claim that one, but I actually heard someone claim that marriage was not about love or all that other junk, but it was actually about having someone to collect information on and use against, in an effort to "one up".

The wife certainly has that one down pat. Once, about 1 million years ago, I burnt some meat I was cooking. Every time I cook or BBQ something, there is always some comment about "Is it burnt", or "How about a bit less carbon this time, honey?"

I will save this one, locked away in my brain, for a suitably appropriate time in the far future.

Everyone needs something to look forward to.


Shana said...

My son is six months old and I STILL call him a parasite. Parasite Jack, to be exact. My husband made up a song and everything (though he's quick to point out to the baby that it was me that came up with the name).

MB said...

anything that lives off of my bone marrow is considered a parasite - LWG
ps should we change the name of the blog to Left Wing Mama?