Saturday, June 03, 2006

Kittens are Good Training for Kids

The cat we got six months ago, Orion, is a bit of a monster.

Every morning, at about 6 am, he comes into the bedroom and starts licking or biting some part of the wife’s face. I hate it because I get awakened by her cursing.

A few months ago, we were outside when a deer came on to the driveway about 100 meters from us. He decided it was something to be stalked, so while I stood still and in full view of the deer, he quickly closed the distance by half and crouched down to start his “hunting”.

After about 5 minutes of a staredown, the cat decided to rush the deer, whereupon the deer took off into the woods with the cat in hot pursuit. Have you ever see a 200 pound deer run from and 8 pound cat? I have.

Just yesterday when the wife and I were coming home from work, a skunk scurried off of our driveway into the forest. A few hours later, I happened to be watching TV when movement out the front window caught my eye. Looking out, I exclaimed to the wife, “Hey, look, a skunk.”

Anyone who has had a pet sprayed by a skunk knows what a pain it can be, so imagine my concern when I see the cat come out of the trees, following closely behind. Based on the deer scenario, I make the assumption that he is think of going in for the kill, an assumption I am sure the skunk shared, as he was constantly pointing his tail at the cat in a threatening manner. We had to chase the cat part way through the forest before we finally caught up with him while the skunk got far enough away to lose him.

Actually, the cat is starting to settle down. There is less biting in the morning and he tends to sleep through the night, as opposed to chasing his most noisy toys around our hardwood bedroom floor at 2 am or dropping wet with drool toy mice on my face.

Although he is a pain, the kids will likely be much worse. Also, kittens become cats in about a year, while human take 18 years.

We have enjoyed laughing at his antics this last year. I expect to get the same enjoyment out of my kids for the next 18.

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