Wednesday, March 16, 2005

She's cheating on me.... with my Arch Enemy Part II

It seems I have stirred the Three Headed Dragon. In this post, my Gf's ex talks a bit about me. Note the first line:

Here's an entertaining post from one of my e-girlfriend's

Now, perhaps it is just a typo, but to me there is a big difference between an ex-girlfriend and an e-girlfriend (which could be considered to be an online girlfriend). You may laugh, but these things happen. My uncle's wife left him for some guys she met online. This was about 10 years ago, so it was very unusual at the time.

Am I being too suspicious? Or not suspicious enough?


Anonymous said...

You certainly have a valid concern. But more importantly... dude!??? I'm engaged too and if I publically aired such relatively serious concerns I'd get my ass kicked and deserve it. I think you (plural) should get some relationship counselling, not advice from clowns like me.

But hey, what do I know? Just discovered your blog today and I could be way off base. Maybe I'm just taking your strong wording too seriously. Cheers and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if your GF reads the site or not. Possibly she should. I had a look at the dreary, predictable, humourless site of her former beau. Not to repeat my comments on your last post, but some of us clowns out here have been through experiences much like yours in our distant pasts. Listen to the alarm bells in your head - whether she really has the hots for this Sandalista chap is irrelevant (Although it is deeply troublesome that she once did), but the mere fact you could contemplate her still carrying a torch for such a loser. If her views are like this chap's then think long and hard about a lifetime of this looking at you from across the breakfast table.

HST Overdrive said...

Awww come on!!! I work hard to bring humor to the people. "Predictable, humourless site"... you are unkind good sir.

Honestly, there is nothing going on between us. I have not seen her in OVER 10 years. We're pen pals. That's it. I usually stay friends with women that I have dated. This does not mean that there is lingering feelings, we're JUST friends. I'm sorry this causes Maurice such agony, but if this really is an issue for him, perhaps he does need some counselling as stated by the above commenter.

And as far as me poisoning her mind, I think you underestimate her. She's way more socialist than me. I really am not that much of a lefty. I don't know what the political climate is like where you are, but if you live and work inthe US, you'll understand how far right people are in this country. It's getting extreme so that someone who has center left views becomes a lefty wacko. If you had to live under George W Bush and watch your policemen, firemen, teachers, librarians and nurses getting laid off due to cutbacks, you'd be pissed too.